(A Non-Profit Corporation)

Revised March 2017



The name of the Association shall be the DUMAGUETE EFFATA ASSOCIATION OF THE DEAF, INC. (DEAF) hereby shall be known as the “Association”.


Our Vision Statement:

  • An inclusive society where Deaf people are integrated, lead to self-determination, independence, and productivity.

Our Mission Statement:

  • Service for the local Deaf community through socio-cultural, exercise their rights of equal access, and responsibilities towards the nation building


Section 3.1 The objectives of the organization shall be:

    3.1.1 To educate the Deaf about Filipino Sign Language, Deaf culture and Deaf rights through advocacy workshops, trainings and seminars

    3.1.2 To develop social interaction between and among the Deaf through sports activities, camps, excursions, and related programs/activities

    3.1.3 To enhance Deaf people's productivity as citizens through livelihood and skills development programs


Section 4.1
The active membership shall be unlimited in number and shall have four (4) categories: Active, Senior, Student and Associate member.

    4.1.1 Active members shall be open to all residents. These members shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of active membership, including the right to vote for those who are 18 years old and above.

    4.1.2 Senior members shall be limited to those who are 60 years or older and the permanent resident of Dumaguete.

    4.1.3 Student members shall currently be full-time matriculated students and shall provide such evidence upon request.

    4.1.4 Associate member who shall be accepted as anyone who is not a resident in any cities and towns in Negros but work in the province.

Section 4.2
This active membership shall be registered to the Association by signing the application. Applications of the children and adolescents under 18 shall be signed by their parents or guardians.


Section 5.1
The Association is being managed or run by the Board of Directors which composed of the officers and chair of the committees.

Section 5.2
The board is being established/formed after the officers are elected using the proper voting system and the chair of the committees are appointed based on their good values and outstanding performance.

Section 5.3
The board shall be unifying body with neutral stand practicing impartially in all decisions.

Section 5.4
The board shall oversee and monitor the activities of the organization.

Section 5.5
The board shall discuss issues, concerns, initiatives, and strategies for better planning and implementation of good governance. Contributing to the development of the welfare of the Deaf community.

Section 5.6
The board meeting shall be done regular basis every one standing/quarter.

Section 5.7
Elected and appointed Board members may be removed after due process hearing for failure to carry out their duties or for other good and sufficient reason by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors present and voting.

Section 5.8
Any member of the Board of Directors with two consecutive unexcused absences from Board of Directors Meeting will be considered as having vacated the position.


Section 6.1
The officers of this Association shall consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Auditor.

Section 6.2
Resignations must be submitted in writing to the President or the Secretary, one (1) month before the effective date of resignation.

Section 6.3
Vacancies in any office, whether caused by resignation, death, or otherwise, may be filled by a majority vote of the remaining directors.


Section 7.1
The President shall be the chief spokesperson for the Association, shall be assigned to call for the meetings of the conference, and the regular and special meetings of the Board of Directors. The President shall be the appointing officer to designate a chairperson for each committee. The President shall enforce order and observance of the policies/guideline stipulated in Articles of Incorporation and bylaws of this association. He/she shall countersign all checks issued by the Treasurer.

Section 7.2
The Vice President shall assist with the coordination of all committee meetings and reports and perform any other duties as assigned by the President. In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President.

Section 7.3
The Secretary shall issue a notice of all meetings for which a notice is required, record minutes of the conferences and Board of Director meetings, keep the minutes of committee meetings, have general charge of the membership list and organization records, file reports to the government as required and perform such other duties applicable to the office.

Section 7.4
The Treasurer shall secure a fidelity bond immediately, be the fiscal and disbursing agent of the Association, have custody of all moneys and assets of the Association, keep adequate and correct accounts of its financial affairs readily available at the conference and meetings of the Board of Directors, deposit the funds of the Association to the credit of the “DumagueteEffata Association of the Deaf, Inc.” from time to time, file reports to the government as required and perform such other duties as prescribed.

Section 7.5
The Auditor shall be responsible to review the treasurer’s books, reports, budget, and verify the membership records. It shall regularly attend the board director and general meetings.


Section 8.1
The standing committees of the Association shall be the Finance, Public Relations, Suitability Livelihood, and the Youth and Sport Program. The President may appoint ad-hoc committees for specific purpose.

Section 8.2
Guidelines, duties, and responsibilities for each standing and each special committee shall be specified by the Board of Director, and may change from time to time, according to the needs and goals of the Association.


Section 9.1
The Board of Director of the Association shall be presented during the annual meeting or conference.

Section 9.2
The special and emergency meeting of the board director shall be open to the public for transparency purposes.

Section 9.3
A quorum agreements made in the meetings and conference of the Association shall be constituted by the majority of the active members who are registered.


Section 10.1
The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Auditor of the Association shall be eligible to serve for no more than three (3) consecutive two-year terms.

Section 10.2
All candidates for Officers of the Association shall be Active Members in good standing for at least one year before being placed on the ballot.

Section 10.3
Nominations shall be made from the public at the general membership meeting.


Section 11.1
The Association shall maintain two funds, the General Fund and the Endowment Fund. While each fund will keep complete and separate records of its activities, the records will be kept in the same format for easier incorporation into the Association’s Annual Report. The custodian for the Endowment fund will coordinate the inclusion of such information under the supervision of the Treasurer. The Association may receive donations, grants or bequests which may be kept in a separate fund or funds for the purpose intended.

Section 11.2
April 1 to March 31 shall be the fiscal year for the General and Endowment Funds.

Section 11.3
The General Fund shall be primarily used for general expenditures within the approved budget authorized by the general membership of the Association at a conference. The Treasurer may draw upon and expend up to one thousand pesos for any purpose not in the approved budget but subject to the Board of Director's approval. All annual membership dues, fees and net proceeds from any conference or other Association activities shall be deposited in the General Fund.

Section 11.4
The Endowment Fund is held in trust and shall be managed by the Trustees for the purpose of accumulating sufficient funds for:
1. Expenses related to the establishment of a residential facility for elderly deaf persons;
2. Any expenditure that are to safeguard the rights and interests of deaf citizens in the Dumaguete;
3. All monies withdrawn or transferred from the Endowment Fund shall be used to benefit and further the Association.
The Endowment Fund shall not be used for any loan purpose.

Section 11.5
All donations and bequests not specifically identified by the donor or by general membership at conference shall be deposited into the Endowment Fund. Unless otherwise decided by the general membership at a conference, all dividends and interest earned from investments, capital gains, and net proceeds from sales of securities shall be automatically reinvested into the Endowment Fund.

Section 11.6
No withdrawals or transfers of monies shall be made from the principal funds of the Endowment Fund without a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote from the Board of Directors.


Section 12.1
The Association shall be work in cooperation and coordination with Persons with Disabilities Affairs Office (PDAO) under the City Mayor. A representative of the Association specially the Public Relation Committee chair shall be part of the staffing and composition of PDAO.

Section 12.2
The Association shall be affiliated with the Philippine Federation of the Deaf (PFD)

Section 12.3
In the provincial PDAO, the president of the association along with other president of existing associations automatically appointed as representatives.

Section 12.4
The Association shall be accompanied by the any volunteers and LGU-hired interpreters to assist in general communication.


These by-laws may be amended or added to or repealed in whole or in part by two thirds (2/3) of the votes of the members present at an annual or special general meeting of the Association.


Upon dissolution, the association due to uncertain circumstance beyond the control of the management and its purpose, the remaining assets shall be distributed to non-profit organizations serving the Deaf Community. The board directors of the Association shall make such distribution.