March 30 - 31, 2019
  • "FSL Law: Celebrating Our Identity, Strengthening the Deaf Community"
  • Welcome to Effata Deaf Org.

    The Aramaic word "effata" means "BE OPENED". The DEAF organization adapted this word and used it in the context of the local Deaf community; that our organization may be able to enhance the quality of life for deaf people in Negros Oriental.

    Open up and open wide. This means that, "The Deaf may not be able to hear but their other senses are often well developed which allow them to adapt to almost anything" hence they are still capable of feeling and acting just like hearing persons. Deaf persons are therefore also capable of effectively performing tasks assigned to them.

    In short story in the gospel of Mark, we can see that Jesus heals a deaf person. With this great miracle, Jesus was able to impart to the Deaf person the gospel of salvation by opening his ear and loosening his tongue. "be opened!" (Mk 7:34).

    Guided by this Gospel, the Dumaguete Effata Association of the Deaf (DEAF) imparts this same inspiration and encouragement to other Deaf, so they, too may improve their lives through engaging themselves in opportunities and activities for them to become productive citizens and role models through living their faith.


    International Day of Sign Language